Thu Oct 20 23:14:49 CEST 2005



Just came home from a dinner over at Frida and Matthias'

I got there right after work, but they had all met up
at around 3pm and hung out at a playground with all the kids
in the beginning, and moving indoors as it got too cold. 

I was so tired. Yesterday my collegues and I went out and
visited Moderna Museet (the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art),
and ate well and drank a little too much. Today- well, I've
had more effective days at work, thats for sure.

Anyway, when I got to F & M's place, the level of noise was
quite deafening- There were seven kids there, from two months
old to seven years old, and all the parents were talking in a
high voice to hear each other. After I got in, I was swept
away by the din, and just walked around like a zombie for
almost half an hour before I actually started to play with the
kids and interact with my friends.

Sometimes its just too much.

But like I said, the shadow passed me by, and a smile
slowly developed on my face- its hard not to have fun when
playing with kids- many kids. Watching Pelle sitting there
with Ayumi, Gentan, and his daughter Maja on his knee, all
four of them laughing together at some joke of his was pure

Sometimes its just perfect.