Thu Oct 27 23:37:36 CEST 2005

Byebye MythTV


... at least for a while. I decided to give it up;
I chose to give Freevo (http://www.freevo.org) a try
instead. Im not deleting anything, Im just need to do
something else- just the thought of MythTV makes me feel ill.

Why did I give MythTV up? Well, though I think there was
only one hurdle left, I've thought that every time I hit a
problem. But each time, I got another problem, and it just
wasnt fun anymore.

Though Myth has that cool skip-commercials function, I can
live without it for now. Freevo is (so far) quite simple to
set up, and its quicker as well. Another pro is that it uses
mplayer/mencoder with mpegs as a backend, while myth uses its
own format called NuppelVideo. Though its easy to install
(emerge media-tv/nuvexport) and apparently a
sinch to use, I'd rather go with normal mpeg2 and xvid