Mon Nov 21 00:16:12 CET 2005



The other day I decided to give Ubuntu Linux a shot. The
background being me totally tired of trying to keep my laptop
up to date with portage (in Gentoo Linux). 

Its one thing to keep things up to date on a server, with
the limited amounts of installed apps. On a laptop tho... its
daunting how many apps I've got on this thing.

I downloaded the Ubuntu install CD, put it into the cradle,
and half an hour later I was up and running. Its hard to
describe what a nice feeling it was to have a system where
everything just... worked. Wireless (ipw2200)- check. Xorg-
check. samba/nfs- check. Sound- check. USB devices- check. CD
and DVD burning- check. 

Quite nice. Installing things were a cinch as well, since
Ubuntu is based on Debian, a very stable Linux
distribution. And since its based on binary packages (not
compile from source like Gentoo) installing something which
takes hours (sometimes days) on Gentoo takes no more than a
few minutes.

Im pretty much sold on Ubuntu.

Right now Im working off Gentoo again on my laptop (I
replaced hard disks for a quick and easy test of Ubuntu) so
that I can copy all my files to
torleif.yanson.org for safekeeping. I'll prolly
make a partimage as well, so that I can get back to Gentoo
later on if I for some reason want to quit Ubuntu.

What are the drawbacks of Ubuntu? Well, compile from source
has its advantages. Knowing whats actually installed on the
system is also a plus, and... funny but this is one big point-
Ubuntu doesnt include mplayer in its list of
applications. Mplayer, apparently, has some non-pure code in
it somewhere, and debian (ubuntu's daddy) is picky when it
comes to non-free stuff in its back yard. Erh. um. Well, I can
always compile it from source :)

I'll still run Gentoo on my other machines, so its not like
goodbye. Its more of a sigh of relief.