Wed Nov 23 23:41:10 CET 2005

Holding the bottle


Every night since Gentan was quite small, we've given him
"välling", a kind of Swedish liquid porridge (its drinkable)
in a bottle. I remember how it was a pain to hold it up while
he drank it, somehow I could never really become comfortable
holding the bottle slanted downwards over him... I remember
how much of a relief it was when he started to hold it
himself- without losing his concentration and using the
half-full bottle to do other things, like tossing it around or
drawing on the bed/sofa.

We started to give Ayumi välling regularly a month ago or
so, quite late compared to Gentan. Of course, Ayumi still
breast-feeds so it hasn't been quite as
necessary. Anyway. Today, Ayumi grabbed the bottle and drank
all two deciliters of it, without interruption.