Thu Nov 24 00:13:39 CET 2005

Sith revisited (again)


I saw Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
again, this time on DVD. We watched it, and to my surprise, it
wasn't at all as bad as last time I watched it (here).
That time, I was disappointed. So disappointed in fact, that I
really disliked the movie. It might sound a little dramatic,
but it kind of felt like it robbed me of my childhood. 

Anyway. Like I said, I watched it again, and this time I
enjoyed it. Very much. The bad dialog kind of passed me by
this time, I didnt even really notice its quality. Instead, I
focused on the story. Which I think is good.

Order 66 made me feel much worse compared to last time, it
felt more tragic.

Even the love affair between Anakin and Padmé felt more real.

Im guessing that last time my expectations were like way
up there, while this time I expected crap. Well,
that just goes to show how much you can trust someone's review
of a movie/TV-series/book/etc. Ahem. Lets be honest here. What
I should have written is: It just goes to show how much you
can trust my reviews. :)