Tue Dec  6 02:02:15 CET 2005

Damn computers


A few days ago, Annas computer didnt get an ip address from
my dhcp server. Well, I restarted dhcpcd on
torleif.yanson.org, turned off her computer,
waited for the lease time to expire and restarted her box. It
worked. Strange, I couldnt find anything about it in the logs,
but hey, it worked. So I forgot about it.

Today, at around 8pm, the same thing happened to my
laptop. And Annas computer. And wilbur. Our ip address had
disappeared, the route to the world (and
torleif.yanson.org) gone.

I was too lazy to bring a monitor to torleif, which lives
silently and happily in the corner of our study, behind a HUGE
pile of old magazines, empty boxes, tools, extra network
cables, and what not. So I reached precariously over the heap
of rubbish to reboot the box. First reboot in six months :)

But this was just the beginning of my odessy- after reboot,
apache didnt work. I had read about it in the gentoo-forums, that an
upgrade to version so-and-so meant that the upgrader needs to
redo the configuration files due to a total reworking of the
/etc/apache2 directory. Months ago, before I left for Japan, I
had apparently upgraded apache and forgotten about it. And I
hadnt even restarted it. Which meant that the old binary was
still running- the upgraded version had never been started...

Well, after a reboot, the configuration files were re-read,
and boom. Or more like a silent sigh or something- anyway,
the Apache web server complained about the conf files and gave
up. Nooo! I use it for so many things, its not even funny.

So I started the job of converting the old files to the new
ones- I need support for virtual domains, SSL, PHP, etc. Sigh.

Another question which still hadn't been answered was WHY
the box just hang. It didnt leave anything in the logs, which
is always a very bad sign- could it mean that the hardware was
busted? Well, after some educated guesses, I've come to the
conclusion that it was the on-board network card which was
busted. *shiver* the mothercard could be busted...

Thats when the computer died again. Not good. This time I
climbed over the pile of crap in the study, moved the computer
itself to my desk in the living room and booted it up with a
screen. At bios I turned off the network card, and started
up. Since then I havent had a problem, but what a major pita!

Since this computer does all the work (www for several
domains, mail server, webmail, version control, file server,
etc) its really quite important that it works properly.

Oh well. Now its up and running (well... php and ssl dont
work right now, but the MTA works... and plain vanilla apache
does too) but I have to get a new box...

I hate computers sometimes... I should have become a
shepherd. Or something.