Tue Dec  6 12:34:32 CET 2005

jazz and linux


Was surfing around, trying to get some info on the Jazz
singer Diana Krall, when I found the following
introduction to jazz and popularity:
In several respects, commercial success in jazz has always been eyed with suspicion by critics. The artist is either unceremoniously expelled from the genre, or the sudden breakthrough is attributed to other non-musical related qualities: image, appearance, marketing. The undertone, however, is always, "Good jazz, I beg your pardon, is not obliging, but refined and complicated, difficult to access and should not be for the masses." The stubborn and awkward self-appointed jazz police live by this mantra time and again. [edit: italics added by yours truly]
Funny, how that quote (the part in italics) somehow fits in with the GNU/Linux movement. Its like- one guy says "I rebuilt my kernel to get my custom built remote control working, it was hard but worth it", then the other one replies: "Eh thats nothing, I built my own module for the 2.6.11 vanilla kernel so that it can do [fill in something impressive here]". Its a bit of a snob culture. The deeper in the trenches you are, the better. And the less "normal" computer users (even normal sysadmins) understand, the cooler. Strange. But its really like jazz. Suse, Mandriva, Fedora, etc are, for these die-hards, for sissies, just like "Popular" boy/girl bands, stuff you can hear on the radio. REAL MEN build everything from scratch, and listen to music which will NEVER air on the radio. Am I one of these people? Well, sometimes I feel like a fanatic. I talk about how great F/OSS is all the time at work. And how baaaad Windows is. Not sure. But I do know that GNU/Linux is a pure pleasure to fiddle with, just like good jazz is to groove to. --