Thu Jan  5 00:20:34 CET 2006

Gentan says Pappa


For the last half a year, Gentan has been calling me
"Daddy", "Dadda", "Dadaye", and other variants of the word
"Dad". Yesterday he dropped the English name for father and
persistently called me "Pappa". 

I wasn't really sure at first how to react. After all,
Pappa is Swedish, and I want him to speak English with me. But
its quite impossible to force him to speak English, and
besides, getting angry would not only be counter-active but
very hard to do, since Im not.

In the end I decided to do what I wanted to do from the
beginning- namely nothing. I'll just continue speaking English
with him, and if he chooses to call me Pappa thats fine. 

Today, we were back to the "Daddy", with occasional

At least he doesnt call me Mamma anyore.