Sun Jan  8 01:49:11 CET 2006

Google Adsense


I was surfing around just now, waiting for Anna to finish
writing a post in her favourite forum
(http://www.sjalbarn.se), when I found an interesting page
under the Gentoo Linux Jackass! Project, about how the
wordings in the agreement between the customer and Google for
the product "Google AdSense" is written so vaguely that they
can "unilaterally and arbritrarily define new criteria on an
ad hoc basis that would render any account permanently
inelegible to receive payment.".

I found it extra interesting because until now, I've only
heard good things about AdSense. The idea behind the product
is smart, and everyone wins, at least in theory.

To be honest, I haven't actively spent time in the past
looking for people complaining about Google AdSense, though
I've seen complaints about how Google could use their vast
base of knowledge about you and I against us. But I suppose
this is different, since the page I refer to talks about
dubious business conduct, while the pages I've seen talking
about Google refer to personal integrity issues. 

Well. Come to think of it, Is there a difference?

Oh and the link:
http://jackass.homelinux.org/jackass/google.html .