Sun Jan  8 01:58:06 CET 2006

Ayumi, the nocturnal party animal


Just want to say that Ayumi has been awake every night,
roughly between midnight and two in the morning, watching
movies with us. I know, I know. She should be in bed,
sleeping sweetly. I also know that we should be in bed as
well, considering we normally get up like seven in the
morning. Correction: Gentan gets up at seven, and I
half-heartedly get up with him, and crash on the couch while
he watches morning TV.

I suppose its our own fault, but... its so nice to have her
to ourselves, just the three of us. A little like when we had
only Gentan, and Ayumi hadn't been born yet.

We're all going to bed now, we're all dead tired. I hope
Ayumi is as well. Nightie nightie!