Mon Jan  9 01:12:26 CET 2006

Specialization & being Generalist


I've always wanted to be a generalist. Someone who can fit
in everywhere, and easily talk to people from different lines
of work. In one way or the other, I can talk about philosophy,
political science, macroeconomics, history, mathematics,
programming, internetworking and computer system
administration in various levels of difficulty, making talking
to people at parties quite easy, and quite a pleasure.

The thing is, over the last few years I've seen how I've
slowly developed my 'technical' side at the expense of my
knowledge in the social sciences and philosophy. Articles in
philosophical websites take longer for me to read, I find that
I can't dig up that perfect word when discussing politics, and
generally, Im slower than I used to be when talking about
stuff which isn't technical in nature.

Irritating. At the same time, Im getting better and better
when it comes to tech, but... is it worth it?