Tue Jan 10 00:18:48 CET 2006

Switching to Windows


I found an excellent article over at madpenguin.org describing a
regular GNU/Linux user's experiences when testing a switch
over to Microsoft Windows. To quote two sections:

I wanted to know what was happening, so out of habit I hit Ctrl+Alt+F1. Of course, this was a no go. It seems that virtual consoles aren't enabled in Windows by default.
Windows' only drawing program, 'MS Paint', is so basic it would turn even the most accomplished digital artist into little more than a kid with crayons. In a similar fashion, the default e-mail client 'Outlook Express', is barely functional, and the web-browser, 'Internet Explorer' is famed for its ability to destroy your entire computer.
A good read, very funny. It also helped me realize that there are quite good reasons why I dont like to use Microsoft Windows, reasons which aren't ideological. Its all about choice, and in Windows most of the choices are made for you. In the various freenixes- well, the choices are myriad. If you dont like choices, use Ubuntu. Or Mandriva. If you like choices, go for LFS or Gentoo. If you don't like the linux kernel you can go for one of the BSDs (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD) or use GNU's own kernel, the HURD. Practically every step along the way, theres a possibilty to reconfigure, or change the default behaviour of a program. Anyway. A good read. --