Tue Jan 10 21:47:46 CET 2006

Getting Ayumi to sleep


A week before my mother came to Sweden (a week before
Christmas) Ayumi had this terible cold, with a very high
fever. That messed up her sleeping routines, and during that
time, and since then, her routine changed from 'sleep at 20:30
till 7 in the morning with two wakups to put her on the potty'
to 'sleep at 20:30, wake up at 22:00, party till one or two in
the morning, then sleep till 8am.'

Its been a major pain. We would take turns lying next to
her in our jumbo-bed, all the while she would cry, wanting to
get up and have fun. Many days she would cry like that for
hours. Literally hours. When Anna took the shift, Ayumi would
push, poke and slap Anna, or just toss and turn. When I took
the shift she would scream blue murder yelling for her

Three days ago, at around nine pm Ayumi fell silent during
Annas shift. I was in the other room and I thought "Wow, Ayumi
is finally sleeping, I wonder what Anna did?". I walked over
after a while and found Anna standing by the kitchen door,
looking into the dark bedroom, eyes wide with surprise.

Apparently Anna had had enough, and just left Ayumi crying
and screaming in her bed. She went to the doorway, and told
Ayumi that she won't be coming back till Ayumi calmed
down. Ayumi pretty much immediately fell silent. I asked Anna
what happened next and she said, still surprised, that Ayumi
had fallen asleep.

Afterwards we thought about it, and came to a possible
theory- could it be that when Ayumi was yelling and pushing,
she didnt want more cuddles but less?  Was she
just telling us in her own special way to piss off?

The next day we decided to give our theory a shot. When it
was bedtime we put her in her corner of our bed and instead of
lying down beside her, Anna sat down on the other side of the
bed, some two meters away.

And she promptly fell asleep. We tested it again a few
hours ago, and the same thing happened. 

Incredible. In her short life, we've felt that we could
read her signals quite well, but we missed this one
completely. When she cried and tossed and turned, we came
closer, petting her, cooing, and all that, but all that did
was get her more hysterical. 

Well, at least now we know what to do. But... the moment
the parents think they've got their kids figured out, the kids
change tactics. For lack of better words, I'd call it
parenthood :)