Wed Jan 11 13:41:02 CET 2006

Blogging as a concept


Hundreds, if not thousands of interesting and intelligent
people have already written tonnes of material concerning the
concept of the blog. I really dont have much to add actually,
but heres a personal thought on it.

About ten years ago, maybe 1995, I remember discovering the
world wide web. Earlier, I had only used text-based services
like email and ftp. I also wasted a lot of time telnetting to
various MUDs out there. It was a great time. But around 1995,
as it were, I discovered the World Wide Web. 

I remember surfing around to lots of places. The same brick
wall gif background image was everywhere, as well as the flame
animated gif. Lots of pages used pure black bgcolor, since it
was the only color we could be sure didnt look like crap on
other screens and other operating systems. hihi. Anyway. I
recall finding a web page on the web which was a online diary
kind of thing belonging to a guy called Justin Hall. 

Today the guy is famous. Just look for him at the
wikipedia, or google for him. But in those days I had no idea
he was going to be so famous, nor what he would be famous for.

He kept this diary, and added to it pretty much every day
(I think). He also had lots of links to places on the web
(links were still important back then, the birth of the first
search engine was still resonant, and the only way to find new
places were through other people's links page). I remember
looking quickly through the site and thinking "Who reads this
kind of stuff?". People with no life? His college student
friends who wanted to keep up with the latest gossip?

In any case I closed the browser, and forgot about his
page. Every now and then in the following years I would, for
some reason,bump into his page again, but I never really
looked for it. Eventually I forgot it even existed.

Yesterday I was going to bed, and decided at the last
moment to read a random page at the wikipedia. And voila! The
page on Blogs came up, and right there, smack in the middle of
the entry, was his name. I thought- "hmm, I recognise this
name, should I know who this is?" and clicked over to the page
describing him on the wikipedia.

And it all came back to me. The state-of-the-art computers
back in 95, the clumsy three-button mice the Sparcstations
used, the smell of the computer hall. The too bright
lighting. The idle, click-click-click discovering the web.

The guy is famous now for being the first blogger, before
the word even existed. He writes for fancy magazines, and
lives in Japan doing... something, not sure. And I was like
wtf when I looked at his page back then. 

And Im writing a blog now. Who was I to accuse him of