Thu Jan 12 00:11:21 CET 2006

linux live


helmer.yanson.org's harddisk died during the
christmas holidays. Again. Damn that irritates
me. So I decided to make a livecd using catalyst (http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/releng/catalyst/
which won't need an hd at all- all it will use is the usb
drive to get conf files for named. Helmer's harddrive has died
for the last time!

Making a livecd takes time! First off, I couldnt find any
definitive documenation on how to use catalyst, and once I
found something good enough to work with, the first command
catalyst -s m_2005.1 took forever
(since its building a stage one gentoo installation).

While waiting I found a link to something called Linux
Live. Apparently it helps you create an iso image from an
existing linux installation- all you do is install your
desired linux distribution, install all programs you want,
configure, et cetera, remove unnecessary files (man pages, tmp
files, kernel) then run a shell-script.

This shell script takes everything and just... creates an
image. Incredible. Its a little too late to do this now, but
heck, Im giving it a try tomorrow night.