Tue Jan 17 21:28:25 CET 2006

linux live [3]


Fiddled with building a livecd using slax as a base- worked
quite well. I installed bind, as well as other packages like
nmap, traceroute, etc. 

The thing was, it worked good enough for a workstation, but
not enough for a server. Sometimes it just.. hung. Like when
ssh'ing out of the box as a non-root user the tty I was on
died. I checked /var/log/messages and I saw a dump of memory
and Im like "ooooo", a punch in the stomach. Looked kind of
like a kernel dump, but not quite.

At that stage, I had already had this growing feeling that
I shouldn't abandon gentoo. Gentoo has served me quite well
since I started using it (hmm four years?) exempting a very
short period some two months ago or so (when I was tired of
everythng computer related). Then I got this message in my
logs, a foreshadowing of things yet to come, with Col. Kurtz
in the background saying "The horror, the horror", etc and so

I just couldn't go on like that. Slax is cute, and the
technology behind it is superb, but I just like to
build everything. Myself. The fact that my own version will
probably be buggy and wont have as many features doesnt really
bother me- as long as its core features work well.

Anyway. So I decided to build a chrooted gentoo system with
the linux-live scripts. The goal of this system is that 

I've got some meta-goals as well, and one of them is to build
an environment where creating new livecds is really
simple. Another is to write a detailed HOWTO.

Well, we'll see how far I get. One thing for sure, its fun!