Wed Jan 25 21:22:11 CET 2006

Finally switched to Ubuntu


In mid November last year, I discovered Ubuntu. It came
like a fresh whiff of clean air after the smell of ozone
drifting up from my over-emerged laptop Gentoo system.

I really like Gentoo, its not the fault of the Operating
System per se. Its more that I just don't have time to
keep my system up-to-date anymore. Gentoo is so powerful, and
gives you so many choices, that if its not your full-time job
(or you don't have any other preoccupations after work) its
almost impossible to keep it nice and clean.

Anyway. Yesterday, I was finishing off the vanilla gentoo
livecd mini-project, when my laptop's cd-burner just stopped
working properly. Sigh. Of course, it was something I had
done. I just didnt feel like figuring out what was wrong. It
could be the hardware, of course, but I didn't feel that I had
time to do some bug-searching.

Instead, I installed Ubuntu. Did some basic backups of my
Gentoo installation, and just wiped everything. Even the /home
partition. God that felt nice.

The basic installation took more than usual, some two
hours. It took longer because something in the bootloader
process got mucked up and I had to install it manually using
the systemrescuecd I
had lying around in the shelf next to me.

This entry in the blog is, also, a test to see if the
nanoblogger debian package works out of the box...