Fri Mar 10 23:56:36 CET 2006



Packing for the trip. Mixed feeling about the actual
process of packing. The wondering part is fun; Wonder how
cold it is in Tokyo? Is this sweater too much?. But when
you're standing there with the travellers suitcase packed with
everything you need and its just half-full, you're like:
dammit, I know I forgot something, what could it

I've also packed music into my laptop, some jazz
(Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Hank Jones, Thelonius Monk and
their musical relatives), harder electronica (Kruder
Dorfmeister, Juno Reactor, Banco de Gaia), and other music I
might want to listen to (Lee Ritenaur, Afro-Celt Sound System,
Tchaikovsky, et cetera)

After all, what do I really need? Passport,
credits, tickets, laptop, some clothes...

Yeah everything else can be bought over on the other side
of the world should I need it. 

Aha! Some more stuff to bring: A good book for the flight,
extra harddisk for my dads laptop, japanese electric adapter
for my laptop, some japanese cash would be nice as well.

The list continues. Nah, gonna finish off packing and hit
the sack. 

Oh yeah, one last thing- the livecd howto... maybe I can
finish it on the flight to Japan...