Tue Mar 14 16:59:33 CET 2006

Relaxing day


It's been a long day. The jet lag is slowly dissipating,
but I still get tired suddenly at the most unexpected
moments. At least I didn't take a nap today...

I took it really easy today- the tax papers have to be
turned in till tomorrow, so Staffan was very busy all day,
organizing receipts and filling in papers.

So I just hung out, reading, taking a walk with Staffan and
Fumiyo's dog Kantaro, playing BF2. (btw, I've finally gotten
the hang of the attack helicopter. Fun!)

Not really much to say... I guess I can always talk about
the weather :-). Today was a cold day. In The Kanto region,
cold means approximately 0 degrees centigrade. Like I said
yesterday, 0 degrees is in effect much colder than in
Sweden, since we have proper winter clothes over in
Scandinavia. And the houses are built to withstand the cold,
as opposed to Japan. The gas heater in the living room turned
itself off without me noticing while I was playing BF2, and
very quickly it became cold- like ten degrees. *Brrr*

Now Im going to bed, but first Im gonna call home to talk
with the kids!!!