Fri Mar 17 11:07:31 CET 2006

Day six


Day six in Japan. This week has been utterly
relaxing. Mostly, I've been coping (badly) with my jetlag,
I've somehow landed now, but I can't sleep till two-thirty in
the morning, and I wake up at ten. Which in itself is quite
nice, but it feels like Im wasting valuable hours since
Staffan and Fumiyo go to sleep at one and get up at
eight-thirty or so.

Staffan has an old laptop- a Vaio PCG-505RS. A tiny little
machine, it was once a road-warrior's dream in functionality
and size/weight. Today its mostly passť, but not for me :)

The thing is, there is no CD reader built-in to it, and it
can't boot off the pcmcia cdrom reader which comes with it. So
booting off a CDrom is out of the question. Fortunately I had
preinstalled Ubuntu on a 20G hard drive before the trip, which
started up without a hitch once I had switched disks on the

A big downside with the machine is that there is no
ethernet socket on the thing. This means that if Staffan wants
to access the net with it, he'd have to buy a USB adapter or a
PCMCIA one. I brought a 802.11b/g card with me, which I
tested, but its a 32bit card and the machine, being old, talks
only with 16bit cards. Im not sure right now if the card can
downgrade itself to 16bit, I guess I could do some research,
but its not really something I want to spend time on my

Anyhow, I've played with the machine a bit and depeding on
some external factors Staffan might let me take it home with
me. We'll see what happens.