Fri Mar 17 18:19:15 CET 2006

Illegal Combattants


Just a quickie before I go to bed...

Do you remember the first Iraq conflict- that conflict
which was called Desert Shield, which then turned into a war
called Desert Storm? Remember how American soldiers were taken
prisoner by Iraq forces, and were held hostage? And how they
were shown on Al-Jazeera? Those heartbreaking pictures of
these all-American boys who tried to put on a brave face but
were so frightened?

I remember that Bush senior said that the way these
soldiers were treated in a way which went against the Geneva
Convention. I was quite critical of that war, but I remember
those pictures very well.

It struck me that thats probably the last time in the
foreseeable future that the USA can call the Geneva
Conventions to protect their own with a straight face. 

The tragedy is that the most powerful democracy in the
world, the country which I really respect, is the one which
has watered down the power of the convention. 

'Illegal Combattants'. Right. Thanks for making the world a
much more dangerous place Mr Bush.