Mon Apr 10 00:48:28 CEST 2006

Hard work begets results


Today, while I was taking a nice warm and relaxing bath,
Ayumi came up to the edge of the bathtub holding a potty in
her hands. I wasn't wearing my eye-glasses, but I could see
that there was quite a lot of nr#2 in it. 

Surprised, I called to Anna to come, since a) I didn't want
Ayumi to drop the precious payload onto the floor, and b)
since I wanted to share the moment with her.

Sounds strange? Actually, it isn't. At all. This was the
first time Ayumi took off her pants and sat down on the potty,
without calling us for help, all by herself!

Incredible. There is an end to all this after all. And
quite early as well! As some of you know, Anna and I have been
actively giving Ayumi the possibility of using the potty since
she was maybe six months old, and for almost a year she's been
using the potty regularly, if not all the time. 

But this is the first time she showed us that she
really gets it- the whole point is to be able to go to the
bathroom when its time, and knowing it.

Im sure we'll have to help her in the future as well, but
its nice to know that she can do it on her own as well.

Later on that day, Ayumi was wandering the apartment
without any clothes, and both Anna and I assumed that 
  1. the other parent had taken off her clothes and she had run away, or
  2. Ayumi had stripped off her clothes and was exploring the apartment in the nude (most probable).
Since we both knew that she had just recently gone to the potty, we weren't worried that she would leak or soil herself and her surroundings. So we just let her walk around. After a while I told Ayumi that we were going out and does she know where she put her training shorts and pants? Ayumi shook her head. Curious. She normally knows exactly where her clothes are, so I looked around the apartment... and found them in the bathroom, in front of the washing machine. After a little figuring, I pieced together that she had peed in her training pants and gone on her own to the bathroom, taken off her pants and training pants and placed them where we will find them. This surprised us as well!! Brings a big smile on my face, we're so proud of her :) --