Tue Apr 11 00:29:48 CEST 2006



Anna asked me if it was hard to write a generic application
which can, given a picture and a string, use the string to
stamp a watermark onto the image.

"If anything can do it, ImageMagick can", I thought, and
started looking into man pages here and there, and after
scratching my head a bit, I also googled around.

Of course, the answer was yes, ImageMagick can do it. I
wrote the script last night, and its tested and it should
work. Get it here: 

To convert your TTF font library to Imagemagickized xml,
you can use this
perlhack. If you can't be bothered cuz you're just testing,
set FONT to 'Courier'. This should work, assuming you have
courier somewhere on your box.