Sat Apr 22 21:50:04 CEST 2006

Gentaro's birthday!


Three years with Gentaro!

Its mind-boggling how our life has changed since his entry
to this world. The life we lived earlier and our current life
is so different; so different in fact that someone who didn't
know our old selves would probably not believe us if we told
him what we used to do, how we lived our lives.

Overall, the change has been for the better. And when
thinking about it, I realize that the downsides are all
nothing compared to the ups. Its kind of like this: The
challenges we have today would have been impossibly hard
before, but they've lost their 'impossibility'. Simply put,
we've acclimatized ourselves to them. And the positives... The
positives are so wonderful that they're on a scale which
didn't exist before in my life. If I experienced something
which blew my mind with its bliss before, and I placed it at
the top of my scale of wonderful experiences, they pale next
to the positive experiences I regularly go through
today... And the funny thing is that they're all 'normal'
stuff, like watching my kids play, smile or say a new


Today we went to a circus, Gentan and Ayumi, together with
all of Annas siblings, their kids, and her parents. It was a
pleasure to see the children enjoying the show, and laughing
at the clowns.

Now they're sleeping. Gentan fell asleep as he rested his
head on the pillow. Ayumi lay there, and with her serious eyes
she told Anna about the circus, and what she saw there... In
her own language, of course. Then she fell asleep.

Its been a good day.