Wed May 31 23:58:28 CEST 2006

oh yeah, bf2 server


Forgot to say that I made the BF2 livecd server. All of it
worked, except... well, I guess I was tired that night I
decided to make this livecd, but I put the wrong version of
the server onto it.

The next day I downloaded 1.3 (or actually, its called
1.1.2878-710), but for some strange reason the copy on the
main mirror had a bad md5 checksum. bah. I tried over the next
couple days to get a new version, but to no avail. Today, I
finally got around to googling about this, and found an
install file in Germany which actually worked.

Im rolling my livecd as Im writing now, lets hope it works
properly. I prolly wont be able to test it till tomorrow