Sun Jul  2 10:38:49 CEST 2006

English and Swedish


Over the last six months, Gentan has spoken more and
more. Compared to many of his friends, he's a little late when
it comes to talking in an understandable language; he speaks
his own, special language instead.

At the time of writing, Gentan speaks Swedish for the most
part- sprinkled with English words. He prefers to say some
words in English over Swedish- 'Horse' and 'Cow' are two
examples. But until yesterday I didn't realize that he adapted
his language to whom he speaks with.

Yesterday, when we were driving together, Gentan pointed
out a 'pys' (pronounced pyss, short y) to me. I just didnt get
it. I kept on asking him what he meant, and finally it dawned
upon me that he was saying the Swedish word 'Buss', as in
bus. So I told him that in English, daddy's language, its
called BUS. Mommy's word is buss, and daddy's is bus. 'mommy
pyss, daddi bus' he replied.

Afterwards, when we had joined the rest of the family, he
insisted on calling it a BUS with me, but PYSS with Anna.

Cool. He can differentiate between languages