Tue Jul  4 21:32:03 CEST 2006

Jan Guillou


I can't believe that I actually read what I read when I
read it. In the free tabloid 'Metro' today, I saw an article
on page two, by the Swedish Journalist Jan Guillou.  (You can
get a copy of this paper here:

To quote him: "Jag tror inte att det är jaktvapen som dödar
människor, utan galna män" ("I do not believe that it is the
hunting weapons which kill people, but crazy
men"). Hmm.. where have I heard this before? 

To answer my own question, the National Rifle Association
of the United States of America tends to say things like
that. To be more specific- "Guns don't kill people, people
kill people". 

It pisses me off to hear a cousin of this quote in a
Swedish Newspaper, from a reknown Swedish Journalist. And
don't come saying he didn't know- He's a smart and
well-educated person. He knows.

I've always seen him as a macho wannabe quasi-militant
Leftie, but I've never actually considered him a complete
idiot. Well, now I do. He should join the NRA.