Thu Jul 27 00:41:13 CEST 2006



Was over at Tomas Näslunds place today, together with
Nisse and Kove. The four of us played RoboRally, a board game
where you get to 'program' robots with the goal of getting
them to touch all flags on the board. sounds easy? Nah, its
really difficult. The hard part isn't programming them per se,
its when all the machines have been given instructions and
they start to move... When they bump into each other they move
the opponent, making the instructions (which are permanent for
the turn) completely useless.

Or worse- your carefully programmed robot, which was
supposed to walk around the pit, suddenly starts to walk
straight towards it because an opponent pushed it one step in
the 'wrong' direction. Wrong from your point of view of course :)

Great fun.