Thu Jul 27 20:50:57 CEST 2006

pure joy


Im cleaning the apartment, tomorrow Im off to Skåne to meet
my family. Im the kind of person who likes to clean up, if I
have the apartment to myself and all evening to do it. I put
on some music and wheeee there I go, zooming around the
apartment cleaning up.

The music is by Yuming, a phenomenal Japanese solo artist,
who has to date released at least 40 albums, most of them big hits.

Anyway, as I was cleaning/dancing, I saw myself in the
future dancing in joy in public- and my smile slipped off my
face. I realized that I live in a country where a person
showing joy publicly is considered either:

And its not only Sweden. We're talking most of the
'civilized' West, as far as I can tell from my travels and
contacts with friends from other cultures.

Most of the time, a list like the one above is placed
inside of some intricate joke, but here Im presenting it as
fact- a depressing one at that.

Is it only myself or are you also tired of not smiling in
greeting at people? Is this just a City thing? How often do
you (if you're a guy) not smile at a woman because you dont
want her to think you're out to rape her? How often do you shy
away from people on the subway who talk to you?

Bah. This is depressing me. I'll go clean the kitchen.