Sat Jul 29 23:50:46 CEST 2006

Finally! Vacation


I arrived at Komstad last night, and its been a bliss to be here-
both to get away from Stockholm and my job, but above all I get to be
with my family- my entire family. See, not only are Anna and my
kids here, but also my original family- my mother, father, and my
sister Sara.

Its nice to have my old family back together again. My parents are
divorced, and they live in separate locations in and near Tokyo. My
sister and I meet up regularly, and each of my parents come visit
Sweden every now and then, but seldom together. Finally, to have
everyone here, in our summer place, where Sara and I played since we
were small is quite something.

Komstad is in an area called Osterlen, in Skane, located in
southernmost Sweden. Its a beautiful place as it is, even without all
my memories crammed in every corner of the village.

And now my kids are here, playing, climbing the same old appletree
as we did as children. Watching them play brings a satisfied and
knowing smile to both Sara's and my lips.