Thu Aug 31 22:02:46 CEST 2006

Back in Stockholm


Well, we're back.

Didn't really have the ork to write from Skåne, even though
there was so much to write about.

So I won't write about that. Instead, I'll write about
Gentan, and how he's started to talk properly now. Its still
mixed with words I don't understand, but the sounds he makes
are now made up of real words and shadows of real words, both
in English and Swedish. His own words are disappearing, though
they are still have a definite place in his vocabulary.

Ayumi is talking as well- it can't be easy being the little
sibling, she has to fight to keep up with G. But she's
learning things very quickly- much quicker than her big
brother. Which isn't strange at all. If a big guy came by
regularly and pushed me over when I was toddling, I'd also
prioritise running and climbing.

When Gentan isn't pushing Ayumi around, he's an incredibly
cuddly and gentle big brother. Just so that you don't think
that he's some sort of dictator. That title goes to Ayumi.