Thu Sep  7 23:48:06 CEST 2006



Well, its in all the Swedish media now. The Swedish liberal
party 'Folkpartiet Liberalerna' are accused of 'hacking' their
way into the Social Democrats internal network, gaining access
to internal documents.

Two highly placed people within Folkpartiet have stood
down, 11 days before the election. Folkpartiet is a bitter
party now, the grassroots feeling betrayed and the leaders

Whats interesting to me is how they gained
access. Did they really hack their way in? Use backholes in
the social democratic guardian software? No. They got a hold
of the username/password combo, somehow. Some say via
unencrypted WLAN sniffing, others by social engineering.

The combo belonged to a social democrat by name of
Sigge. His username was... sigge. And his
password... (drumroll).... sigge. What kind of idiot uses
their first name for both the username password? What kind of
incompetent admin allows such passwords? 

Though the liberals deserve the punishment they're going
through, the social democrats really have to get their act
together. If I found such a combo used in 'the wild', I'd
expect it to be a honeypot- bait. Apparently it wasn't.

incompetent clods.