Tue Sep 12 23:15:21 CEST 2006

Gentan explains something to me


Gentan and I were watching 'Charlotte's web' on the telly,
and when the movie ended, he asked me if he could watch it
again. I said ok, and asked him in return where the remote
control to the DVD player was, so that we could start it

Gentan shook his head, and explained to me in his
English-Swedish-Genteese lingo, very patiently, that I didn't
need to look for it, since all we need to do is wait for the
song to end, and it will start up automatically again.

This was the first time that he knew something which I did
not. Of course this day was to come, its really not that
strange. But still. It's so cool!

Yeah, I know, in not too many years Ill be standing there
scratching my head trying to figure out how some new gizmo
works, and my kids will be like 'Gaaawd, its easy. Just push
here'. Yep, been there done that. But its going to feel
strange being on the receiving end of that comment :)