Tue Sep 19 23:42:45 CEST 2006

Elections in Sweden


K, so the alliance of bourgeois parties won the
election. The Left party disillusioned, the Social Democrats
leaderless after Göran Persson declared his resignation
Sunday. The Environmental party seemed a little sad, but they
seemed to have a good time dancing the night away anyway...

So what do I think of all this? Well... Being a left-winger
at heart I wonder what is to happen these coming four
years... but on the other side, I didnt vote for any of the
parties on the left, so I'll just have to wait and see and
take the consequences.

I, like many other lefties, didn't vote for the
opposition, but against the reigning Social
Democrats. Im tired of Göran Persson, who by appointing only
people who say yes to him created a government which needed
his opinion on everything before doing anything. The
consequence? The paralisis of the government during the
Tsunami catastrophe. All those uncountable number of

The bottom line is this- the Social democrats who's base
ideology is to help the needy have not been doing their
jobs. To the letter, they have been doing their jobs, but the
workers of Sweden are by definition not needy anymore. Im
talking about the elderly, the youth, the immigrants, and
women as a group.

They have been paying lip service to the the dream of an
equal society-  but in reality they've just been feeding the
workers and the dispossessed of yesteryear, counting on their
vote. And to hell with the small companies and the truly

I talked to my pop the other day, and he told me that most
extremely wealthy people normally vote for the Social
Democrats- since the groups with most capital have the most to
lose with the fall of the status quo.