Sat Sep 23 00:55:30 CEST 2006

foresight linux


Well, my (k)ubuntu experience was less than perfect. I
installed it six months ago, and to be honest I've noticed
that I've used my alternative microsoft windows os more than I
ever have since I made my switch to linux.

So today I decided to give something else a try. So I
surfed around, and discovered something called Foresight

Foresight is a 'fluffy' linux distro for the desktop. Its
packaging system is something I've never heard before- called
Conary. Not really sure how it works, but in any case its a
binary package system.

We'll see what I think after this install. My laptop is
working away as I write, installing package after
package. This, btw, is the first time I'll be using
mono. Seems mono is a big part of the new gnome, looking
forward to seeing it in action.

Finally a positive word on the installer- its really very
easy to get the OS, at least so far. It offers to
automatically manage my partitions (an offer I didnt take,
since I want to keep my /home partition), and the basic setup
was really a sinch.

It seems to have all the newest versions of the base
applications, judging by what its installing right
now. Im used to Gentoo, where I could easily pour in all the
newest stuff (and consequently break things every now and
then). In Ubuntu this was... not difficult, but the interface
didnt really encourage it.

Another difference seems to be their basic philosophy when
it comes to support for proprietary file formats like mp3 and
such. Its all in there. Very nice.

All in all, Im really looking forward to testing Foresight Linux!