Wed Sep 27 22:59:01 CEST 2006

Article 301 of Turkish Penal Code


I'm a warm supporter of Turkish entry into the European
Union. This for several reasons:

But this on one condition- that the Turkish government gets
their act together concerning their human rights
abuses. Besides all the torture, lack of clean democracy
(secular military is always hanging over the shoulders of the
politicians), etc and so forth, theres this one other thing
which pisses me off:
Article 301 of the Turkish penal code. 

This rule makes the offending of 'Turkishness' a criminal
offense. Who decides what 'Turkishness' is? The courts. The
minorities of Turkey- the Kurds, Alevis, Arabs, Assyrians,
Armenians and the Yezidis cannot speak out about abuses
carried out on them, since this 'taints' the Proud Turkish
image. Truly? I think the abuses are more tainting.

One 'abuse' which springs to mind is the Armenian Genocide of
1915-17. Calling it an abuse is an insult to the victims of
the Genocide. During this period, up to 1.5 million
Armenians were slaughtered by the Turkish Authorities. Read
about it here,
here, here, and here.

The truly horrid thing about this all is that you can't
talk about this at all in Turkey. Its illegal, and people are
in prison as I write this blog entry for just calling it a

The authorities apparently feel that this is the way they
should deal with the past. Just erase it. And while they're at
it, erase the people who try to remember it.

Link to a recent article referring to Article 301 and the
Armenian Genocide: http://www.huliq.com/index.php?m=show&id=35