Mon Oct  9 00:12:29 CEST 2006

Foresight linux


Been playing with Foresight Linux now for a month or so,
its quite nice. Besides little details like getting my ssh
client to forward X11 stuff from my remote machine, its really
very good. 

The ssh thingie is something which I'll solve, its not
necessarily a fslinux problem.

Some things which havent been detected out of the box: 

Some things I haven't been bothered to check:

Otherwise, the look-and-feel is just great. This is
probably the first Gnome desktop which I actually like. This
is saying alot, since Im not even a KDE person- I normally use

About the packaging system conary, Im not really
used to it- hard to remember how to search and install things,
but it works well. I still haven't used it enough to see what
happens when I start removing packages.