Tue Oct 10 22:19:47 CEST 2006

The Daily Show


Isn't it strange how little the traditional US media covers
the inconsistencies of the US regime and its actions in the
Middle East? They're happy to write simple facts- that a
Palestinian was killed in some conflict in the Gaza strip, or
that the US military was hit by a setback in Afghanistan. But
when it comes to big picture stuff, they are strangely

Do they think that the truth is too uncomfortable for us?
That it wouldn't sell?  Are they scared of reprisals?

The thing is, the only place where I can see real critisism
is on comedy programs like the Daily Show, aired on Comedy
Central of all places. Sure, lots of the criticism is on a
silly, easily palatable level (I'll make a silly face, thats
funny haha), but underlining the episodes is some real
political criticism. 

Its sad that real political criticism has to go under the
disguise of comedy.

You can find lots of clips of the Daily Show at YouTube: http://youtube.com/results?search_query=daily+show&search=Search.
Watch them and laugh. But don't be surprised if you find
yourself weeping deep inside.