Thu Oct 12 00:01:17 CEST 2006

Bad cough and night out


The last three days I've been home ill from work. It
started with sneezing and dizziness when I moved too fast, and
yesterday it made my head feel twice its size. Other than that
I felt fine. Today my head shrunk to its normal size, and I
felt quite good- good enough to feel that I could go to work

Anna and I decided that I was well enough to go out- her
mom had called us today and asked if she could babysit our
kids- wow what an opportunity to get out! Do something
exciting! Eat some really nice food, watch a movie-

So we went to the nearest equivalent to an American Mall
called Heron City. Its got a movie theater with twenty
cinemas, a food court, lots of recreational stores et
cetera. We looked around, ate some Greek cousine, spent an
hour in a furniture store, ate some icecream and had a

Wait a minute here. A furniture store? WTF?
We have three hours off from our kids and we visit a furniture
store? Yep, thats the sad truth. Well, its not that sad per
se, it was a spectacular hour spent just sitting on those
wonderfully comfortable couches, sofas and divans. And
beds. Commented on the colours and fabrics. Lay there and
looked at the ceiling, enjoyed the silence. Laughed together
about spending our free time there.

Anyway, we got home at nine (a sure sign of us getting old)
synced with Mormor (maternal grandma), put on some tea and
watched an episode of the 4400 having completely forgotten the

Thats when I started to cough. A wracking cough, quite
similar, in fact, to the one Anna has been having for a
week. Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit.

I don't want to be ill anymore! Now I have to decide
whether I should A) go to work anyway even if I know that the
illness will stay with me longer or B) stay at home a few more

I hate these kinds of choices.