Wed Oct 18 20:35:58 CEST 2006

Wanna play karateka or bards tale?


I was listening to TWIT (This
week in Tech) podcast today on the way home from work, walking
through Gamla Stan, when I heard them talk about Virtual Apple. Apparently,
this site has gathered some 1100 Apple II games (Apple ][,
Apple ][e, Apple //c, and the GS) and put an emulator into an
ActiveX component. Essentially what you can do is surf to
their page and click on a game, say Skyfox or Boulderdash, and
voila! The game is downloaded and placed into the emulator
inside the browser!

I hurried home, ate quickly, I was almost jumping up and
down while waiting for the kids to fall asleep.

Now I booted into Windows, and eagerly started up Internet

I never, ever use Microsoft Explorer if I have the
choice. Its not a matter of principal really, its just that
I've never really used it. Back in the nineties I used
netscape (since it was what I had on my school Unix machines),
and ever since then I've been a user of Netscape, then
Mozilla, and for the last four years or so I've been using
Firefox. But I digress.

Since I never use Explorer nor Outlook express, and I only
boot into windows to play Battlefield II, I've never actually
felt bothered to do any windows updates... I can actually hear
you think 'uh-oh, he's going to say that he got infected right
away...' but no.

Its just that I couldnt get the damn ActiveX component to
work! Talk about Woe and Grief! Then I started to think-
perhaps one or many of those updates actually add new
functionality... so I clicked on the Windows Update icon in
the system tray.

Its going to take forever. Im going to be old and grey
before its finished. and Im never going to be able to
play Ultima 4 or Bards Tale or Wizardry. *sniff*