Sun Oct 29 15:57:24 CET 2006

Finding treasures


Was going through a box in in our cellar, and saw that
there was a big brown box in the corner- one I must have
placed there when we moved in here, some four five years ago.

We opened it, and inside we found lots of stuff we had
forgotten about- and in the middle, there was this small blue
box. I opened it and was confronted by my memories.

In the box were all of my medals and patches from my
period as a student in Stockholm - I really thought that they
had been lost over time. And all these little things sent from
my parents back home in Japan when I had just moved to
Sweden. When looking through them one by one, I fully realized
how much they must have missed me. Its really a realization
you can only truly understand once you have kids of your own.

And at the bottom of the box, inside a cloth satchel- all
of my miniatures from high-school, together with my favourite
dice. I remember painting each and every one during the
weekends, how I every day looked forward to the evening when
my buddies and I would yet again venture forth in our
role-playing world assuming the mantle of various heroic

Ahh, theres nothing quite like nostalgia.