Mon Nov  6 00:43:19 CET 2006



Streamtuner is, for lack of better words, a internet radio
aggregator. It gathers links to internet radio stations from
various sources, and from one window on your machine you can
easily find thousands, if not tens of thousands of different
streams, all categorized into genre.

Its really THE app of the year. I'm an avid listener of
music, but I just dont have the time to go out and buy
stuff. Neither do I have the time to click my way around
webstores, and over the years I've learned that Im just too
lazy to leech them off the net.

I've always liked internet radio, but being the lazy person
I am, I just think its too much of a hassle to try to find all
the streams I like. This application is a genius in its
simplicity, no real bells and whistles. It doesn't contain its
own player, it refers all such jobs to xmms, realplayer and
the like.

If you like internet radio- give this application a shot!

Fyi: Streamtuner is released under the terms of the revised
BSD license.