Sat Nov 11 02:13:25 CET 2006

Democracy Player


Hmm lately I've just been writing about new applications,
and this post is just another one of those... 

The Democracy Player
is a movie player, but one that rips them off the net. In the
same way as StreamTuner,
it aggregates various sources of media and presents them in
one place.

The reason why Im writing about it is its inevitability-
given multi-core processors at incredulously low prices, the
wide-spread use of F/OSS software (and thus the gratis
proliferation of various implementations of complex
algorithms), the rise of the Creative Commons license
model(s), high-bandwidth network availability and technology
that can utilize it (RSS and bittorrent), and the spread of a
always-online population around the world demanding
information the instant they want it, its not very strange
that it has been developed.

But the fact that all these technologies have been tied
together to create in effect a free television is just so
cool. Its free in many ways- free to install, free to watch,
and the application itself is free. Theres even a sibling
application for streaming Tv on the net- for free. 

Its the hobby journalist's dream. Though it will probably
be used mostly to spread silly pop-culture videos, this is
definitely a good tool for small independent news agencies to
spread the word. 

At the end of the day, we all win.