Mon Nov 13 23:27:19 CET 2006

dynamic dns update


Not sure about you, but I always end up writing small ugly
hacks which end up cluttering my crontab. Ok, not all of them
are ugly per se, but they are undocumented and are a total
pain to maintain.

A year ago or so, I wrote a script for my sister's laptop
(running ubuntu breezy), which sent its ip address to my name
server, updating its domain name so that it pointed at her
machine. Needless to say, her internet ip is a dynamic one.

I found the script happily running on one of my clients
machines today. And boy was I surprised when I saw that I had
written it properly- with descriptive variable names, function
calls and so on. It even had a conf file.

Very nice. I've packaged it, fluffed it up a bit. If you
need a front-end to nsupdate which can be placed in your
crontab, give ddns a try! http://blahonga.yanson.org/scripts/ddns-0.1.tgz.

If you like it, or have any comments, please dont hesitate
to contact me :)