Wed Nov 15 00:17:07 CET 2006

Iraq war timeline


I found an excellent timeline over very recent US history
over at Mother
Jones. It covers the second and third Iraq war (The first
being the one Iraq started in 1980)- starting in 1990 and
ending in 2003. 

Not that the war is over, really. Bush has tried to say
"Mission Accomplished" twice now, once on a aircraft carrier
with lots of cheering military, and the second time by
planning (but not managing to pull off) a twenty-million
dollar party to commemorate success in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The great thing with the timeline is that it is searchable,
and each event is tagged with keywords- if you want to know
every major event which had to do with, say, TORTURE, just
click on the tag and voila! Its all there, sorted by
date. Most entries contain links to the source of the info.

Excellent technology, used for a justifiable cause.