Thu Nov 16 23:41:43 CET 2006

So will the Democrats do anything about it?


The latest outrage against human rights in the US is a case
where Mostafa Tabatabainejad, a student of UCLA is stunned by
a taser at least twice by the police in a student library. His
crime? He didn't have a library card, and when the police came
and grabbed his arm, he told them to let go. 

Thanks to the proliferation of cellphones with recorders
built in video recorders, some videos (horrible videos) have
been placed on the net by the students witnessing the
abuse. In the videos you can hear him scream in pain
repeatedly as the police taser him.

Link to youtube.com

As he is being abused, in front of a large public of
students, you can hear him cry "Here is your Patriot Act, Here
is your abuse of power". His cries have followed me all day.

So the question we're all asking is 'What will the newly
elected Democrats do with their new power?'. Will they start
to patch up what is left of human rights in the United States?
Will they curb the governments power? 

Or will they, like the Republicans who claim to love
freedom, turn a blind eye to all this?