Sun Dec 10 21:56:26 CET 2006

The Iraq Study Group Report


Just read through the Iraq Study Group Report, aka 'The
Baker Report'. A surprisingly straight-forward and easy
read. The recommendations are all very well reasoned and
pragmatic. Reading it, I felt something inside of me which I
hadn't felt for years when thinking of the U.S.-- I felt like
able hands were coming back to lead the most powerful nation
of the world.

Strong words? Perhaps. But Internationalist Republicanism
really is a force to be reconed with. If I were asked my
political standing in the U.S spectrum, I would land somewhere
near the left of the Democrats in some respects, and with the
Libertanians in others, and with the Republicans in still

Still, the report is just a document of recommendations. I
have no idea what the Executive branch thinks of these 'tips',
and if they will be implemented by them. And thats assuming
that the Congress will act in accordance with the
document. And to add to the complications we have yet to see
some reaction from Iraq's neighbours. 

My prediction? They will at best pay lip service to the
Baker/Hamilton report in public, implement some parts
half-heartedly, and skip the rest. 

I have little or no trust in the Bush Administration. My
hopes lie with 

But who knows what will happen. I saw some news two days
ago that claimed that Saudi Arabia has been helping Sunnite
insurgency groups in Iraq, much in the same way that Iran has
been supporting the Shiite groups. The situation in Iraq can
get much worse. And with it the entire region, and thus the
world economy.