Sun Jan  7 01:21:10 CET 2007

script to archive pics and movies


New version of pic and movie archiver!

This new version is has been re-written to support direct
archiving of specific files as well as recursive archiving
from source to destination.

Two scenarios will probably explain what it does better
than any regular description:
You connect your digicam to the computer. You have associated this script with that particular event, so that the script automatically moves each jpeg and movie (avi or mov) to a specific location on your hard disk, sorting them into directories named after the date which the picture was taken. archivepics.pl -c
You are cleaning up your home directory and you find some pictures and movies you took on your digicam a while ago which need archiving. You send them to the archive using this script. archivepics.pl pic1.jpg movie1.mov pic2.jpg
In both examples, the output would be something like this:
Creating directory 20060401
pic1.jpg copied to 20060401/20060401_194053_FF.jpg
Creating directory 20060328
movie1.mov copied to 20060328/20060328_114240_K.mov
pic2.jpg copied to 20060328/20060328_114256_FF.jpg
The script should work well on both Unix-like systems as well as Windows, as long as you have Perl and some perl modules installed. Installation notes are included in the header of the script. I put the script here: http://blahonga.yanson.org/scripts/archivepics.html. --