Fri Jan 19 00:02:36 CET 2007

Spamassassin and remote email clients


Spamassassin rules, but I've always thought that it was a
pain to each it when not actually in a shell on the machine on
which it runs.

Sure, if you run mutt or pine on the server, its not a
problem. Just jump out into the shell and issue an 'sa-learn'
command with the appropriate arguments. But if you're
somewhere else, and connect to your mailserver via
IMAP... well, then you have a problem.

Theres probably a zillion ways to solve this. And here's
one of them :)

Download this shell script and follow the instructions in
its header.

Disclaimer: The mail server will need to be running some
dialect of UNIX for this to work. And that the unix machine
contains GNU utilities in its PATH. And if the machine runs
Solaris, that you know what happens when you run the command
killall. (If it is, and you don't, do not install this script,
since it will do nasty things to the state of your system)