Tue Jan 23 22:57:31 CET 2007

Evening of day 3


Sitting in the hotel lobby, its ten pm, and I've had a full
day. A little tired, but very relaxed. I've got a small glass
of Heineken, my laptop, cigarettes, and some olives. Over in
the corner, a pianist plays smooth jazz.

Can't say that I can complain about my situation.

Just asked the pianist to play some Chet Baker. She thought
about it a second, and started to play a variation of 'My
funny Valentine'. Aaah. Perfect.

Chet Baker tunes go so well on piano. She catches the
melancholy tone of his music oh-so-well. She's playing 'I fall
in love so easily' now.

I sit and enjoy my olives, perfectly content.